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Chapel Offerings - Peru Library

Our chapel offerings through the end of the school year will help build a children's library at our church in Tarma, Peru. We found out that the children in Tarma do not have a public library and do not have books at home. We are working on building a library at the church so children can borrow books. 
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Financial Aid/Scholarship Fund

Funds contributed to the Financial Aid/Scholarship Fund assist families with financial needs who are unable to pay the full amount of tuition. 
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General Fund

Amounts contributed to the General Fund assist with costs of operating the school, salaries, textbooks, supplies, etc. 
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Technology Fund

Our Technology Fund helps acquire technology to assist student learning. 
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School Family Needs

This fund is to help school families in need.
Any donations that go beyond the cost will be used for other financial needs in families. 

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Staff/Teacher Christmas Fund

Thanks for showing the staff and teachers support by donating to the Staff/Teacher Christmas Bonus Fund.

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"The teachers understand and work with each child on their level so they can feel proud of what they can do.." ~ 2013-14 Parent Comment