Shepherd of the Woods School holds the following values in all that it says and does:

Christian faith – We rely on the Word of God as embodied by Jesus Christ to lead us in all that we say and do.

Inclusive relationships – We are welcoming and strive to connect with each other as fellow brothers and sisters of God.

Sharing – We believe that what we have (and are) is provided by God for us to use for the good of all.

Uniqueness – We value each person’s distinctive God-given gifts that are provided by God for His purpose.

Respect - We care and love others as God cares and loves us.

Fairness – We believe that each person is to be provided what is needed to be successful in completing God’s will (each gets what is needed).

Communicating – We value sharing information with each other in a timely manner with Christian love.
Learning, Loving, Serving